Intellisoft OLE DB Provider for Redshift, Server Edition

v1.4 for 32 and 64-bit Applications, Server Edition (formerly: Redshift Native OLE DB Provider)
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* Support for OLTP, OLAP, Linked Servers, and Aggregating Providers.
* Database conversion with DTS Wizard (MSSQL 2000) or SSIS Wizard (SQL Server 2005-2022).
* Transactions support, including distributed transactions and two-phase commit.
* Schemas for tables, views, provider types, columns, indexes, procedures, and statistics.
* Support for multiple results, bookmarks, and grids.
* Command prepare and column information on a prepared command.
* Commands cancellation.
* Unicode support for schema and data.
* PGNP Profiler for collecting and analyzing statements executed via Provider.
* PGNPUpdate utility for the automated product updates.

Supported OS Platforms: Windows Servers 2003-2022, Windows Vista, Windows 7-11.

Support terms: 180 days of technical support and updates are included.

Other: Windows installation module (.msi) and samples included. For Trial Version, examples, and documentation, visit the Download page on our website: